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Project DiverJe

Phase 1

Main researcher: Marie-Aude Boislard, Ph.D.

Co-researchers : Mylène Fernet, Ph.D.; Christine Thoër, Ph.D.

Coordinator: Geneviève Brodeur, M.A. (c)

Collaborator : Isabelle Boisvert, Ph.D.

Research assistant : Carl Rodrigue, M.A.

Students associated with the project: Melissa Anne Fuller, M.A. (c), Ashrah Lucas, Ph.D. (c), Jessica Bény, M.A. (c).

Funding: FSH-UQAM et CRSH : Développement savoir

Ethics certificate number: 2016_e_1507

Project theme : Sexual desynchronization among adult virgins

Main objective : To better understand the connections between virginity, psychosocial adaptation, and mental and sexual health.

Developmental theories and life-course approaches suggest that individuals who undergo a normative life transition at a later or earlier age (off-time) in relation to their peers are at an increased risk for relational and health problems. When not a personal choice, studies indicate that late virginity may be associated with anxiety disorders, social withdrawal and obesity. However, little is still known about the correlates, diverse profiles of adult virginity, and individuals’ specific needs in terms of health and sexual education. Therefore, this research project has five objectives :

1) documenting disparities in the psychosocial trajectories of young adults who have had a desynchronized sexual debut in comparison to their peers

2) identifying the diverse psychosexual profiles of adult virgins

3) examining sociohistorical links between religious beliefs and virginity in early adulthood

4) examining gender differences in terms of subjective experiences of virginity and associated factors

5) exploring the meaning of virginity among different sub-groups of adult virgins

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Phase 2

Research team: Marie-Aude Boislard, Ph.D., Mylène Fernet, Ph.D., Christine Thoër, Ph.D., Isabelle Boisvert, Ph.D., Carl Rodrigue, Ph.D. (c), Geneviève Brodeur, M.A

Ethics certificate number: 2016_e_1153

Funding : Faculté des sciences humaines (PAFARC) et Département de sexologie (UQÀM)

Main objective : To examine sexual education and intervention needs among adult virgins. To conduct content analysis of virtual exchange spaces.

This research aims to identify concerns expressed by emerging adult virgins on discussion forums, as well as the role these forums play in their experience of late virginity, particularly in terms of social support. It aims to also identify sexual education and intervention needs among emerging adult virgins and to reflect on new ways to respond to them.